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Assault Versus Battery – Understanding the Difference…

If you are facing criminal charges, you are probably worried about how they might impact your future– you know you have quite a bit to lose. Being formally convicted brings about the possibility of severe consequences, like fines, time in jail or prison, and so much more. You also risk the loss of your reputation, especially when the charges before you involve violence. This can change your entire future; it’s a lot to take in. The most common charges associated with acts of violence are assault and battery. While these seem to go hand in hand, they are two distinct charges. You might be able to benefit from learning as much as possible about these charges as you decide what your next move will be. How you choose to confront these charges can offer you an opportunity to fight for your future and potentially mitigate some of the penalties that might be on the forefront.

Understanding The Differences Between The Charges

Assault and battery are two distinct criminal charges that most often involve a physical act when one individual caused harm to another. Perhaps the most important element to distinguish one from the other is intent which can be hard to prove beyond reasonable doubt.

  • Assault – Occurs when one person causes or attempts to cause injury to someone else. You can face assault charges even if there was no direct physical contact. To prove assault, the prosecution typically has to prove general intent.
  • Battery – Happens when a person purposely harms, threatens, or has offensive contact with another person without their consent. It is not necessary for the prosecution to prove intent during a battery hearing.

Working through the Kentucky criminal justice system can be complicated and confusing. It is beneficial for you to understand what you are facing so that you can adequately prepare an effective defense strategy for your case.

What Do You Have To Lose?

Your future. Your livelihood. Your reputation. Everything. Facing assault and battery charges can be detrimental to your future and a conviction or guilty plea are NOT your only options. If you want to protect your future and possibly avoid being convicted, take action as soon as you learn about an investigation or are arrested. Educate yourself on what defense options are available to you.

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