Child Support And How To Enforce The Order…

Having an ex-spouse who is supposed to pay child support, but doesn’t may make it impossible to provide for your children. These cases are treated with high priority in Family Court and the response time will be based on how quick you bring the issue to court. Delinquent parents can be penalized in many different ways depending on how much is owed. The court will decide based on each individual circumstance.

Penalties Your Co-Parent May Endure For Failure To Pay Child Support…

  • Garnishing wages is a common tool used by the court to get the funds which are owed and then they are given directly to you.
  • Withholding of any tax refunds that the co-parent may be expecting. The state may intercept and give to you.
  • Revoking of driver’s license and non-renewal of passport is also a way a delinquent parent could be punished for not paying child support.
  • In some cases, a custodial parent may hold the delinquent parent in contempt and they could face a fine or jail time.

Some Circumstances May Require The U.S. Office Of The Inspector General To Intervene

If the delinquent parent lives in another state and at least one of the following also applies: 

  • There hasn’t been a payment in over 12 months to the custodial parent.
  • If the delinquent parent owes more than $5000.00.
  • If the delinquent parent deliberately traveled to another state or country to avoid his child support obligations.

Grubbs & Landry Can Help With Your Child Support Case

Child Support is determined by the guideline table outlined in the Kentucky Revised Statutes and is calculated based on the income of the parties and if a shared parenting arrangement is ordered, then the support may be adjusted to reflect it accordingly. Parties usually divide expenses such as medical bills, extracurricular expenses, and school fees based on their proportion of income. The court wants to limit the negative impact on the children as much as possible and wants the lifestyle which they have grown accustomed to remain the same.
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