What Happens If You Get in a Car Accident While Working?

If you’ve been in a car accident while working, it’s normal to be upset and anxious, especially if other people were badly injured. You may be technically at fault for the crash, but you still deserve protection. If you have any worries that your employer’s insurance company is going to throw you under the bus, contact a personal injury attorney. When you add an addition complication to a crash, it can be difficult for the average individual to make sense of who incurs liability and financial responsibility for the injured and the property damage. If someone else causes the crash and they were on the job at the time you may have to deal with a complicated third party insurance claim.

Are Employers Liable for Employee’s Car Accidents?

When an employee causes an accident while performing a work-related task, the employer may be on the legal hook for resulting injuries and property damage. The specifics of the situation will decide whether of not the company or the driver who caused the crash has any responsibility for what happened. If there are injuries to the employee they may have grounds to file a workers compensation claim. If a person on the clock crashed into you, you may be able to bring a claim against their employer for your losses if their insurance does not adequately cover your expenses.

When To File a Third Party Claim After a Car Accident…

One difference between a property damage claim and a personal injury claim is that with the property damage claim you will be back in contact with the insurance adjuster as soon as you have a repair estimate for your property — whereas with a personal injury claim, you will usually wait until your medical condition stabilizes before speaking again with the adjuster. You may need to speak with the adjuster on the phone several times to set up inspection of your car or other property, or to get a separate insurance estimate of repairs if the adjuster requests it. Many insurance carriers will gladly work with their own clients to cover expenses that the company technically has no obligation to pay. They pay and then send the bill along to the company insuring the other driver. In a complicated situation that may involve worker’s compensation the third party insurance may need to be involved. You may need to be more proactive about how you handle your claim in that situation. It may be wise to contact a legal professional who can negotiate with the various insurance carriers on your behalf to make sure you are getting the compensation you need for medical reasons. In a legally complex employee-related accident with injuries you may have to involve a third party insurance carrier.

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