Have You Been In an Auto Accident? The Following Explains The Damages You Can Recover…

If you have been in a car accident recently you are probably in need of car repairs, a rental car, some healthcare if injuries were sustained. If many weeks have expired and you have heard nothing. If your expenses have skyrocketed and grown significantly since your collision. If it looks like the collision has caused some long term injuries. It may be time to think about taking legal action. It may become necessary for you to file a personal injury complaint against the driver whose actions resulted in your injuries and expenses. 

Compensation for Medical Expenses in Car Accident Cases

If you are injured in a car accident, quick payment of your medical bills often depends on whether the accident happened in a “no-fault” state. Kentucky is a no-fault state which means that your own automobile insurer will pay some or all of your medical bills if you get into a car accident, (often more promptly than in traditional “fault” states) regardless of who was at fault for the accident, up to the limits of your no-fault coverage. It’s important to note that if your medical bills exceed a certain amount (or your injuries qualify as sufficiently serious) you’ll be able to step outside the no-fault system and file a traditional liability claim against the at-fault driver, but this process will almost certainly take a while to resolve. Depending on the severity of your injuries and the circumstance or the accident you may be able to recover compensation for auto repairs, medical expenses, ambulance cost, liabilities, in-home healthcare services, and related treatments and therapies.

Long Term Cost of Car Accident Injuries

The costs to replace the immediate medical bills may not tell the whole story of the long term medical costs. In fact, too often people agree to a settlement before they understand the long-term repercussions of the accident. There are sometimes medical conditions that do not manifest until months or even years later. An attorney will understand the nuances of your case and will understand the precedent set in similar cases. You should also talk frankly with your physician as to your long-term prognosis, and any complications which may arise. You’ll want to understand how your injury today could affect your health and wellness down the road. Here are a few considerations which you can discuss with your doctor, and share with your attorney in order to prepare for any long term medical costs.

  • Possible Surgical Costs – Some injuries sustained in a car accident will need more than one surgery to effect a full recovery. You may need subsequent surgeries. Another possibility is plastic surgery. Insurance companies do not always cover what they consider “cosmetic” procedures.
  • Prescription and Drug Costs – Medications that are prescribed by a physician are often cost-prohibitive, especially for those without adequate insurance coverage. Some injuries necessitate long-term medication usage, especially if the accident victim is left to deal with chronic pain.
  • Cost of Medical Equipment – Depending on the extent and nature of the car accident, a victim may have to procure medical equipment, such as wheelchairs and in-home respirators. Medical equipment can be exceptionally expensive and can represent a significant budget item for victims as the years go by.
  • Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation – More severe injuries may result in the need for rehabilitative therapy services. Rehabilitation is often necessary for the victim to resume a normal life, whether that means walking or being able to have a full range of motion. Without access to rehabilitative services, a car accident victim may suffer long-term or permanent wage loss if they cannot return to the same job.
  • Psychological and Psychiatric Costs – Serious auto accidents are completely unexpected, highly emotional, and potentially traumatic. It is difficult to determine just how a patient will react. This is only applicable for people why are consciously in pain during or after the time of their injury.
  • Lost Income – If your injuries have kept you out of work you can sue the person responsible for all of the wages you missed out on during your recovery. If this injury has ended your working life you will need to work with your personal injury attorney to calculate how much the injury will cost you in the long run and demand compensation in court.
  • Loss of Companionship and Intimacy – Deprivation of the benefits of a family relationship (including affection and sexual relations) due to injuries caused by a car accident. The spouse of someone injured or killed in an accident can sue for damages based on loss of consortium. There is legal recourse for people who have been injured in such a way that permanently damages their ability to experience a personal connection with loved ones.

If you’ve been seriously injured in an accident, retaining a personal injury lawyer may help you pursue compensation for any damages incurred as a result. However, it can be incredibly difficult to find a lawyer for your needs, especially if you are recovering from your injuries. With thousands of personal injury lawyers online, how do you find the right one? Make sure that your potential attorney does nothing but personal injury work. This way you know you are getting someone with experience who knows the ins and outs of the applicable law and how to handle a claim from beginning to end. Do not wait until your injuries become so personally and financially costly that it is too great a burden to bear. Get in touch with a compassionate, knowledgeable personal injury attorney right away.

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