The 4 Steps of the Social Security Disability Benefits Appeal Process Explained…

Did you know that the majority of Social Security disability claims are denied the first time? That is why it is important that those who have had their claim for Social Security disability benefits denied to fully understand their right to appeal and how to do so. Social Security disability benefits are offered to those who are disabled and have a medical condition that is severe enough that it leaves them unable to work AND that is anticipated to last longer than 12 months or lead to their death. There are also specific work history eligibility requirements that must be met. If your application for benefits has been denied, the appeals process has a few levels of appeals. They are as follows…

#1: A Request for Reconsideration

Filing a request for reconsideration requires fresh eyes on your application for Social Security disability benefits. A new reviewer will look over your entire application for benefits from the beginning including all your medical records and other required documents.

#2: An Administrative Law Hearing

If your application is still denied after your request for reconsideration, your next step is in the appeals process. This will involve a hearing before an administrative law judge. As an disabled applicant, you need to make sure you are adequately prepared for this hearing.

#3: Social Security Administration (SSA) Appeals Council Review

If your claim for Social Security disability benefits was denied by the administrative law judge, you can request that your application is reviewed by the Social Security Administration (SSA) Appeals Council.

#4: Time to File a Court Appeal

Your final level of appeal is to file an appeal in a federal court.

As a disabled applicant filing for Social Security disability benefits, you should not be discouraged by your initial claim for benefits being denied– majority of them are. But you should understand the process of Social Security disability appeals and what options are readily available to you so that you can get the benefits you need to live your life.

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